Pleasure to meet you!

Hello! My name is Tyler Mavichien and I am a San Francisco based product designer, recovering architect, and typography nerd.

Previously, I worked at an architecture and engineering firm (600+ employees with 22 offices through the US) in the East Bay working in building envelope consulting (ask me about it!). Instead of filling my day with designing how materials are secured on a building to keep the occupants warm and dry (amongst other enclosure requirements), I decided I wanted to think about how people interacted with the world through emerging technologies. Putting the other part of my architectural education to use (the human aspect), I embarked on a certificate of user experience design at UC Berkeley Extension in San Francisco campus.

When I’m not designing or thinking about the kerning of a sign on the street, I can be found running to Bernal, Dolores, or Corona heights, or enjoying a sunny patio with friends.

I am very excited to be a part of a team designing solutions to help people thrive in today’s connected world. Let’s get in touch.